Become a Cool Choir leader in your own town or city while building, inspiring and transforming the lives of your local community through the joy of singing and friendship!

Choir Leaders – Recruiting across Canada!

Energetic Choir Leader – COOL CHOIR


Cool Choir is a new concept in community choirs – direct from the UK. This is a non-auditioned, all-inclusive adult rock and pop choir experience performing original and exclusive arrangements of songs by legendary groups and artists – in rich harmony. Check out this short video to experience the energy of Cool Choir!

 Already successful in Calgary, there are nearly 400 members of public singing weekly across multiple locations, and now Cool Choir has grown to be Calgary’s largest recreational choir for “car” and “shower” singers and the only non-auditioned adult rock and pop choir of its kind in the city.

 Our fun, fast-growing, young and one-of-a-kind vibrant company is seeking exceptionally talented, energetic candidates with an entrepreneurial spirit to launch Cool Choir in all locations across Canada, with a particular focus on Edmonton, Vancouver, Toronto, Halifax, Victoria, Ottawa and Montreal. The opportunity is ongoing, with a September start each year. You will launch and run this community-based business alongside the company’s Creative Director, Jamie Serafi, and team. Your skills as a natural leader and your ability to inspire and motivate those around you will ensure its growth and success. You will be self-employed and running your own business, so bring your entrepreneurial skills to the party!

 You will have a bubbly, engaging and sometimes quirky personality (personality is vital to this role!), and like us, you will have a passion for rock and pop music.  In addition, our ideal candidates will have good piano or guitar skills in order to be able to teach the harmonies efficiently and effectively without requiring a separate, dedicated accompanist at rehearsals. Still, a formal background in music is not necessary.  Your boundless energy, humour, ear for harmony, ability to hold a tune and enthusiasm for technology and social media will keep your members wanting more!

 This role requires a long-term commitment, offering an exceptionally lucrative career opportunity and would be suited to new graduate musicians, teachers/vocal coaches looking for a new challenge, professional musicians or anyone with the skills required for an entrepreneurial business opportunity.

Your schedule MUST allow you to run Cool Choir rehearsals a MINIMUM of THREE WEEKNIGHTS between Monday and Thursday evenings for 30 weeks per year. This is NOT a “part-time job” you can do “on the side”. This is a long-term CAREER, and the level of time and commitment required is demanding with regards to marketing/promoting your choirs (especially in the beginning), organizing performances, socials, workshops, etc., throughout the year. With dedication, time spent and strong commitment teamed with being exceptionally talented (and a likeable, easygoing personality), you will quickly grow this to be an exceptionally well-paid, satisfying, rewarding and personally life-changing journey, making a living as a musician while still being able to fit in gigs, performing and other work, at the weekends.

 You MUST:

Be able to read music
Have good piano or guitar skills to support your teaching without the need for a separate accompanist
Have the ability to network, promote and be comfortable being interviewed by the media.
Be exceptionally comfortable with technology and social media
Have the desire to motivate, inspire and engage others
Be a great communicator
Have a warm, endearing, bubbly, engaging and quirky personality but leave your ego at the door, please!

Be a vibrant, positive, loveable energy who naturally draws others to you through your ability to inspire and encourage.

Be able to work together as part of a broader, creative team without ego or narcissistic tendencies.
Driven, highly motivated and ambitious
Have outstanding leadership and people skills
Have endless enthusiasm and energy
Be open to taking creative direction and guidance graciously, where necessary.
Have initiative and be comfortable working as a part of a team without the need to be micro-managed
Car owner/driver essential
Already own or be willing to purchase/rent a portable piano (or guitar), pa system and microphone

Have a schedule which allows you to run Cool Choir rehearsals a minimum of three weeknights between Monday and Thursday evenings for 30 weeks per year.

The following skills are desirable but not essential;

Knowledge of music software and recording
Ability to arrange music

 Other Information

If you are looking to elevate your status as an independent artist or build a fan base, this role is not for you.
You must be a permanent resident or have citizenship status in Canada and be legally allowed to work.

 Full training will be given to the right candidate.

 This is a fantastic opportunity to be part of a growing company planning to expand across Canada in the coming years. 


New Cool Choir launches generally take place in September each year and training commences within the six month period before (though depending on timing/point of application/strength of candidate etc,  could commence in either January or April too).

Please submit the following to info@coolchoir.com:

– a resume
– a cover letter explaining why you feel you would be suited to this opportunity

– a short video showing off the fun, vibrant, outgoing side of your personality (we need to know you can engage a room full of people for up to 8 hours a week! Remember, this is an important step in the recruitment process; if you can engage and entertain us, you can engage your choir members!)

– a short video of you playing the piano and singing a song of your choice, so we can assess your skills.

Deadline: (ongoing)

Find us at www.coolchoir.com

Facebook www.facebook.com/coolchoircanada

Twitter/Instagram @coolchoir