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What is Cool Choir?

Cool Choir is an electrifyingly FUN, upbeat, NON-AUDITIONED adult rock and pop choir for “car” and “shower” singers and all those who believe they “can’t sing”!

Who runs the choirs?

Cool Choir is run by fun-loving, people-loving, life-loving, outgoing and gregarious music professionals with formal musical training and extensive experience in the music industry.

What is a FREE Taster Session and what can I expect?

We invite everyone over 18 who is interested in trying Cool Choir to book and attend a FREE taster session. This free taster session will give you the chance to take part in a normal, weekly rehearsal on your choice of date and location. You’ll know if Cool Choir is for you after spending a rehearsal with us as a visitor! Check out THIS VIDEO to give you an overview of what you can expect when you attend a FREE taster session at Cool Choir!

Do I need any singing experience or music training to join Cool Choir?

Absolutely NOT! We are a NON-AUDITIONED adult rock and pop choir that welcomes everyone! Many of our members are shower, car and karaoke singers!

My friends and family tell me “I sound like a frog” when I sing – I really don’t think you would want to hear me sing?

Cool Choir welcomes everybody! We firmly believe that “if you can speak, you can sing.” When many voices unite in song, the magic happens as they harmonise effortlessly. Think of a spirited hockey game where fans chant in perfect unison – that’s the power of people singing together. Still skeptical? Take a look at our videos on our website and our Youtube channel featuring Cool Choir performances. Do these individuals sound like “frogs” to you? 🙂

Is there an age limit?

There is no upper age limit but you must be 18 and over to join

I can’t read music. Can I still join Cool Choir?

YES absolutely! There is no requirement for you to be able to read music to join Cool Choir

What do you mean by a "multi-location Cool Choir community"?

A multi-location Cool Choir community facilitates up to four opportunities (in up to four different locations) for members to attend each week in a designated community of choirs (within a designated geographic area or quadrant) run by one director. 

Can I attend Cool Choir rehearsals in more than one Cool Choir community?

Should you wish to join Cool Choir in more than one Cool Choir community (a group of choirs in a designated geographical area), you would be required to join each Cool Choir community on a separate membership.  Each choir is run by a different choir director, and we are not singing the same songs in each Cool Choir community.



Where can I attend a Cool Choir rehearsal?

Check our locations page for full details!

Can I try Cool Choir without committing to a full trimester?

YES, we offer FREE taster sessions weekly at any of our locations during each trimester.  

I understand there are three, ten-week trimesters per year between September and June. Do I have to participate in all of them?

Certainly not! Your commitment is flexible. You’re only asked to commit to one trimester, which is 10 weeks in duration or prorated for the weeks remaining when you join. When each trimester concludes, you have the option to decide whether you’d like to re-register for the next trimester and continue or not. Over the course of these three trimesters, the songs gradually come together, culminating in a spectacular end-of-year show in June. We sincerely hope you’ll consider staying with us throughout the year to be a part of this unforgettable experience!

Can I book more than one FREE taster session at Cool Choir?

No. Each person is entitled to ONE free taster session at any one of our locations before deciding whether they would like to join as a regular member

Are there opportunities for people to sing solo?

YES, while we are primarily an all-inclusive choir, there are opportunities to perform as a soloist too. Opportunities to solo are offered through an informal, internal audition process throughout the year

When do Cool Choir rehearsals take place?

Cool Choir rehearsals take place during three, 10-week trimesters.  Fall (September – November), Winter (January – March) and Spring (April – June).

Can I pay weekly?

No. Cool Choir membership must be paid upfront at the start of each 10-week trimester, much like you would any other club membership. At the end of each trimester you are free to decide whether you wish to rejoin and continue into the next 10-week trimester


What if I DO have singing and musical experience?

That’s great, we welcome EVERYONE! Our members have a range of abilities and backgrounds

How much does Cool Choir cost?

Cool Choir costs just $22 per week and you can attend as many rehearsals as you like for no extra, making it unbeatable value! However, you only pay for the remaining weeks of the trimester following your FREE taster session (the first time you join). There is also a mandatory one-off cost of $20 plus GST for a Cool Choir T-shirt added to your first invoice. The Cool Choir t-shirt is worn by all members at performances. For more details on pricing, please visit our pricing page


What will I be singing if I join Cool Choir?

You will be singing a mix of rock and pop songs from classic to modern!  We learn a minimum of 5 songs per trimester (ten weeks). Check out our What Do We Sing? page for an overview!

If I enjoy my FREE taster session, how do I join?

The day immediately following your FREE taster session you will receive an email containing a summary of information and a link to join Cool Choir

What is my time commitment to Cool Choir?

Once you join, your commitment is the remainder of the current 10-week trimester!  You can sing as much or as little as you wish – currently from 2 to 8 hours per week.  If you wish to perform, there may be some extra rehearsals that run closer to a performance but you will be notified well in advance of those dates and times.


You mention 5 songs per trimester. Will I have to learn all the words too?

For those aspiring to perform, familiarity with the lyrics is essential. At Cool Choir, we don’t believe in choir members holding folders during performances. We believe this practice has a negative impact on the quality of the performance, its overall presentation, and, most importantly, the ability to connect and engage with the audience. Fortunately, we offer various resources beyond physical rehearsals to assist you. Upon becoming a member, you’ll gain access to an app for on-the-go practice as well as private member’s area where we provide lyrics, sheet music, and professional audio recordings of the songs we’re learning, conveniently separated by vocal parts. As we approach significant performances, we schedule additional rehearsals, and throughout the year, there are numerous smaller performance opportunities where you can participate to build your confidence. Furthermore, our directors are well-trained in providing clear and effective visual cues during performances, which many members have found to be the most helpful tool for remembering lyrics.

What happens once I pay my fee?

You will be given access to an app for the on-the-go practice as well as a private member’s area, which contains all the information you will need to become an active member of Cool Choir.  You will find everything from performance information to rehearsal schedules.  


How do I pay?

Once you decide to join Cool Choir, you will receive an invoice.  All payments are made online only through the invoice. Upon full receipt of your payment, we will send you a welcome email within 24 hours with your username and password to start accessing the practice resources in the private member’s area of the website


What happens if I am sick or on vacation and cannot attend?

When you become a member of Cool Choir, you’re not just joining a single choir; you’re becoming part of a larger network of choirs within your specific Cool Choir community. Within your community, you have the flexibility to switch between these choirs as you see fit. If you ever find yourself unable to attend a rehearsal due to illness or vacation, there are options available to ensure you don’t miss out. In multi-location Cool Choir communities, you can choose to attend a different choir session for that week. Alternatively, you can make up for it by attending an extra rehearsal the following week. Additionally, you’ll have access to audio downloads in the app and the private member’s area, which can be a valuable resource to help you stay on track if you miss any rehearsals.


Why is there a fee to join Cool Choir?

Cool Choir stands apart from any other choir you’ll encounter. We have a dedicated team working diligently behind the scenes on a daily basis to ensure our members have an exceptional experience. We’re not simply a choir where you show up for a two-hour rehearsal and head home. Our commitment extends far beyond that. Our team invests their days seeking out exciting opportunities and experiences for our members, curating song selections, organising social events, creating downloadable resources like lyrics and sheet music, and managing all the administrative aspects that come with running a substantial membership-based organisation like ours. In addition to these efforts, there are various other operational costs associated with Cool Choir. These include expenses such as insurance, marketing, website maintenance, software, accounting, venue rentals, and the legal clearance of song rights. These behind-the-scenes expenses may come as a surprise, but they are essential to ensure our choir runs smoothly and successfully.

I notice you have performances during the year, are these mandatory?

Absolutely not, participation in performances is entirely optional. You have the freedom to decide whether you’d like to be a part of any or none of our performances. Engaging in a performance marks a significant personal achievement, reflecting your dedication and effort in learning the songs and attending our weekly rehearsals. Participating in a Cool Choir performance is an extraordinary experience, and our members frequently express feeling an incredible sense of accomplishment. They often describe being on a natural “high” for days after the performance and cherish the moments filled with pure joy and exhilaration that come from singing in a large choir before an audience. There truly is no sensation quite like it!


Is there an opportunity to socialise with my fellow choir members?

YES, in fact, we absolutely encourage it.  Cool Choir is not just about singing, it’s about joining the family!  We arrange at least one ‘official’ social per trimester, and members get together in between.  Many members have made lifelong friends through Cool Choir, and you will too!



Can I help connect with you choir leaders who I think might be suitable for future Cool Choir expansions in my area?

Yes…and what’s more…we’re offering a generous referral fee or a free choir trimester to anybody who helps connect us with a talented choir leader across Canada who subsequently goes on to launch a Cool Choir community of their own. Please get in touch if you think you can help and direct any potential Cool Choir leaders you think might be suitable to our careers page for the full role spec and application process



Will Cool Choir ever expand into any other parts of Canada?

Yes. We’re currently looking for choir leaders across Canada and hope to expand to other cities and towns nationally over the next few years! If you’re interested (or know somebody suitable) in setting up and running Cool Choir in your own town or city, please see our careers page for full details on the role and how to apply!



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