In-Person Rehearsal Info




Rehearsals will take place at the following venues:


Monday 7.30pm – St Barnabas Anglican Church, 407 7 Ave NW
Wednesday 7.30pm – The Lantern Community Church, 1401 10 Ave SE
Thursday 7.30pm – Bethany Chapel of Calgary, 3333 Richardson Way SW

Cool Choir in-person rehearsals will adhere strictly to the official AHS guidelines
on safe singing practices at all times!

Please ensure you have read the Alberta Health Daily Checklist prior to every rehearsal. If you answer “YES” to any of the questions presented, you must NOT attend rehearsals until you are tested and cleared for Covid19!


Guidelines relevant to Cool Choir rehearsals at-a-glance



  • Singing activities should have a leader (such as a teacher or conductor) to ensure guidance and precautions like distancing and masking are consistently followed
  • Instructors, directors, conductors and all singers should wear masks, both when singing and when not singing
  • Masks with three layers are recommended as the optimum face coverage
  • Face shields can be worn in addition to masks but not in place of
  • Singers should be staggered so they are not directly behind one another
  • Exercises such as lip and tongue rolls or trills should be avoided as they generate an increased volume of droplets.
  • Avoid sharing sheet music/lyric sheets
  • Singing should occur in a room with a high ceiling, where possible.
  • Singing should be avoided in small, enclosed spaces that lack adequate ventilation, such as bedrooms, dressing rooms, hallways, or loading areas
  • Limit vocal activity to 30 minutes, followed by a 10-minute break to allow for air exchange in the room
  • In indoor spaces, barriers are not recommended in place of wearing masks
  • Adhere to gathering limits (e.g., indoor up to a maximum of 50 individuals; outdoor up to a maximum of 100 individuals)
  • Where possible, establishing different points of entry and exit from high traffic areas
  • Controlling and staggering entry into, and exit from, the venue
  •  Hand sanitiser containing at least 60% alcohol content is highly recommended at venue entrances and exits, and throughout the venue
  •  Extending the time between door opening and rehearsal start to allow for staggered entry
  • Arranging seating to ensure a minimum 2 metre distance between individuals who are not members of the same household
  • Identifying areas, such as lobbies or bathrooms, where crowding and bottlenecks are common, and using volunteers, staff, or barriers to redirect people who may gather in these areas
  • Posting signage and making verbal announcements to encourage patrons to maintain physical distance from other people at all times and follow proper hand hygiene and respiratory etiquette
  • Encouraging safer alternatives to cheering, such as clapping and noisemakers
  • Where possible, offering alternatives to in-person attendance, such as online rehearsals
  • COVID-19 signage should be posted in highly visible locations, e.g. “Help prevent the spread” posters
  • Enhance cleaning and disinfecting of high-touch/shared surfaces such as doorknobs, light switches, toilet handles, faucets and taps, elevator buttons, railings
  • Ensure that ventilation systems are operational and functioning optimally in each venue

Cool Choir Protocol for ALL VENUES

  • Arrival times must be staggered between 7pm and 7.30pm – PLEASE REMAIN IN YOUR VEHICLE IF YOU ARRIVE BEFORE 7pm!
  • Doors will not open until 7pm but please DO NOT congregate at the door. Social distancing is key!
  • Entry and and exit may differ at each venue (see venue-specific protocol below)
  • All members will have their temperature taken as they enter (this is not necessary protocol but an extra safety precaution on our behalf)
  • All members must sanitise hands upon arrival using the provided hand sanitiser (contains alcohol 65%)
  • There will no longer be any spare lyrics available at rehearsal. If you forget yours, you will not be permitted to share due to social distancing
  • Masks must be correctly worn at all times from the point of arrival at the building. You can wear a face shield but it must be in addition to a mask, not in place of
  • Cool Choir Crew will direct you to the relevant choir section in the rehearsal space
  • The rehearsal seating area will be clearly marked
  • You must sit two arm lengths away from your nearest neighbour
  • You must not sit directly behind or in front of another member (members should be staggered, much like a brick wall formation)
  • Family members from the same household may sit together
  • Every 30 minutes there will be a 10 minute break. Where possible we will leave the room
  • Washroom visits should be taken during the rehearsal as needed and preferably not during the breaks to ensure social distancing (venue requirement)
  • At the end of the rehearsal, members will exit by row

Cool Choir Protocol for ST BARNABAS CHURCH, Hillhurst Sunnyside

  • Please enter the church via the main door (usual entrance)
  • Please exit the church via the door opposite the washrooms (along the corridor)
  • At the end of the rehearsal, members will exit, rear row first

Cool Choir Protocol for THE LANTERN COMMUNITY CHURCH, Inglewood

  • There is free street parking all around however optimum spots for the venue can be found on 11th Ave and 13th Street
  • Please enter the church via the main door on 10 Ave and exit the church via the fire exit on 13th Street
  • We have been allocated one small washroom which can be found at the rear of the church to the right, under the stairs
  • At the end of the rehearsal, members will exit, front row first


    Cool Choir Protocol for BETHANY CHAPEL of CALGARY, Lincoln Park

  • Please enter the church via the ADMIN OFFICE entrance on the SOUTH SIDE (do NOT enter via the usual, main entrance) and exit the church via the fire exit (left door as you look at the stage)
  • To use the washroom, please use the left hand door at the back of the sanctuary as you enter and exit
  • At the end of the rehearsal, members will exit front row first