Updated January 2023


1. Cool Choir Inc. is a group of adult rock and pop choirs for members 18 and over.

2. Cool Choir Inc embraces equality, diversity and inclusivity of its members, and every endeavour is made to accommodate those with health issues or mobility problems. Please make your choir leader aware of any issues that may hinder full participation in rehearsals, workshops or performances.

3. All vocal arrangements, harmonies, concepts, and resources used by Cool Choir Inc. are owned by Cool Choir Inc. Any person taking part in any rehearsal, performance, workshop or other activity run by Cool Choir Inc. agrees that any use of ideas, techniques, resources or teachings will not be used, amended, copied or replicated in any way at any other event, nor will they be supplied or replicated to any other group or used in any other venue or arena.

4. Access to music files created by Cool Choir Inc. is for the benefit of each member to facilitate the learning of parts. These music files are for the exclusive, personal use of Cool Choir Inc. members only and must not be shared, broadcast, circulated or otherwise, or publicly posted online. Legal action will be taken against any individual violating these terms presented in clauses 1 and/or 2

5. Any person deemed to be joining Cool Choir Inc. to access the intellectual property or brand owned by Cool Choir Inc. will be refused admission and have their membership revoked without refund.

6. Cool Choir Inc. rehearsals take place during three, ten-week trimesters and each trimester offers a minimum of ten rehearsals, which may include large, central rehearsals. Rehearsal schedules may be altered or changed at the discretion of Cool Choir Inc to fit in with performances or other events. Members will be notified of this in advance. In the event of unforeseen circumstances or circumstances beyond our control where rehearsals cannot take place (e.g., severe inclement weather, director absence due to sickness, venue issues, etc.), no refunds will be offered; however members are advised to attend rehearsals at alternative locations, where possible. Alternative arrangements may be made at the discretion of Cool Choir Inc based on the circumstances.

7. Whilst Cool Choir operates in other communities (group of choirs or individual choir); your membership is limited to your chosen community only (group of choirs or individual choir) with a single Cool Choir director. Should members wish to sing in additional Cool Choir communities under the leadership of other Cool Choir directors, they would be required to join each of these separately and pay the appropriate subscription fee to do so.

8. Cool Choir membership subscription fees cost $220 plus GST per ten-week trimester for multi-location Cool Choir communities (E.g., Calgary) and $180 plus GST for single-location communities (E.g., Cochrane)

9. Membership fees should be paid on the first day of each trimester or before the next rehearsal following a free taster session.

10. Membership fees cover the rehearsals and resources. All resources, downloads, performance opportunities and other additional facilities are offered at the discretion of Cool Choir Inc. Members who do not have access to the internet, or a computer may not be able to make use of all the resources provided. Under these circumstances, it is the responsibility of the member to make alternative arrangements to access these resources.

11. We have a membership referral scheme in place. Introduce a friend or family member in the first four weeks of a new trimester for a free taster session. If those being referred join by week five, the introducing member will receive one weeks’ discount on their membership fee at the start of the next new trimester. Members will receive one week’s discount for every friend or family member they introduce in the first four weeks of a new trimester and join by week five. The more friends or family introduced who join, the more weeks’ discount can be saved at the start of the next new trimester. A special membership referral form must be completed online ahead of time. When a referral is made, this can be documented and the subscription fee reduced accordingly for the introducing member at the start of the next full trimester. The membership referral scheme is not applicable between different Cool Choir communities (group of choirs or individual choir) and can only be used within a single Cool Choir community. The membership referral discount may be applied at the start of the subsequent trimester only before it expires.

12. We offer a ‘snowbird’ membership option, and your subscription fee will be 50% less. When joining Cool Choir on a ‘snowbird’ membership, you are not permitted to physically attend any rehearsals for an entire ten-week trimester. However, you will continue to receive all email communications and retain access to the private member’s area, where you may continue to utilise all song resources in your absence. Each member is permitted to take the ‘snowbird’ membership option once only during any Cool Choir singing year between September and June. The ‘Snowbird’ membership option may not be taken by new members entering the choir during their first trimester.

13. The membership referral scheme is only applicable within a single group of Cool Choir community choirs and is not transferrable between other Cool Choir communities.

14. Membership fees will be reviewed annually, and members will be advised in advance of any change.

15. Certain performances, workshops and special events may incur additional fees, and members will be notified of this in advance.

16. All payments must be made online only.

17. Refunds are made solely at the discretion of Cool Choir Inc but will not be offered for missed rehearsals, member vacations, public/provincial holidays. In the case of the latter, members have the option of attending rehearsals at one of our alternative choir locations, where possible (multi-location communities only). In the case of a single Cool Choir community, the rehearsal will be made up at a later date or an alternative night the same week. There is no grace period refund offered for the membership fee. Once payment is made for the membership fee, refunds will not be given. However, membership fees can be transferred to the subsequent trimester (after which point, credits will expire) to accommodate schedule changes or other circumstances resulting in members being unable to attend during the trimester they have completed payment for. Members must notify Cool Choir Inc of this through email within seven days of making payment. Refunds or credits are not offered during or immediately following restriction changes in the pandemic while Cool Choir is following official regulations based on science, as presented in the latest Chief Medical Officer of Health order (CMOH) or as outlined by the provincial/federal government.

18. During performances, a Cool Choir Inc. t-shirt must be worn, and as such, this one-off mandatory cost is added to the invoice of your first trimester. Replacement t-shirts or other official Cool Choir Inc. merchandise and/or clothing available during the year may be purchased optionally. All Cool Choir clothing and/or merchandise are non-refundable, regardless of the circumstances (including choir/location closures).

19. Many of our performances are filmed or photographed. By joining Cool Choir Inc, you consent for such images/videos to be posted on social networking and public video sites for promotional and marketing purposes.

20. Cool Choir Inc. members are responsible for their own travel arrangements to and from rehearsals and performances and are responsible for their own property and well-being whilst attending rehearsals, performances, socials and events.

21. On rare and infrequent occasions, it may be necessary to substitute the director for reasons beyond our control temporarily. Members may not freeze membership or request credits/refunds in lieu of this.

22. Cool Choir Inc. operates the same as any other subscription-based membership. The Cool Choir Inc. membership fee is only pro-rated at the point of joining for the first time. Should you decide to leave Cool Choir Inc. and rejoin in the future as a past member, you would be required to meet the full cost of a trimester, regardless of how many weeks into the new trimester you returned.

23. Cool Choir Inc. is not responsible for damage to personal belongings or persons before, during or after rehearsals, workshops and performances.

24. Cool Choir Inc. holds full commercial liability insurance.



1. Members should endeavour to be punctual for rehearsals, workshops, and performances.

2. For the overall comfort of everybody, please avoid attending rehearsals, workshops, and performances intoxicated.

3. Cool Choir Inc exercises a scent-free policy for the overall comfort of other members who may be sensitive or allergic.

4. Members shall recognise that the Director requires time for set-up, review of the lesson plan(s), possibly to correct any glitches which may have arisen with equipment, and to greet new members, all prior to the commencement of rehearsals.  If the Director is so engaged, discretion shall be used by members to please temper questions/concerns/conversation until such time as the Director is available.  It is also for this reason that the doors will remain closed until one-half hour preceding rehearsal commencement. During rehearsal breaks, members shall recognise and respect that other members may have questions/concerns which also require the attention of the Director and shall therefore keep casual conversation to periods when the Director is not otherwise engaged.  Please be mindful and respectful of the frequency of your verbal interactions with the Director with a view to minimising concerns that could easily be addressed through email instead.

5. Members should wear the designated Cool Choir Inc. t-shirt during a performance, along with any other specific items of clothing as
stipulated by the choir director based on the nature of the performance.

6. Members should respect the leadership of the choir director and all support crew.

7. Cool Choir Inc. maintains a zero-tolerance policy. Any form of negative or aggressive behaviour, whether written, verbal or physical, towards the company, choir members, choir directors, staff, choir representatives or members of the public will lead to that member being asked to leave the choir. No refund of membership will be given under these circumstances.

8. Members should not attempt to use Cool Choir Inc to directly promote their own business to others towards financial/commercial gain.  In recognising the useful pool of professional skills and services offered by members, however, all current members may use a professional Facebook networking group set up solely at the discretion of Cool Choir Inc as a general platform for networking. Cool Choir Inc reserves the right to cease the use of this group or revoke access to any individual(s) at any time.

9. Cool Choir Inc cannot be held financially responsible for injury or damage caused by a member’s misconduct or inappropriate behaviour.

10. All decisions made by Cool Choir Inc are made for the overall enjoyable experience of its members and, therefore, are final.


Personal and private information collected from members and held at Cool Choir Inc head office will not be passed to any third party, except with the express agreement of each member. Cool Choir Inc reserves the right to cancel the membership of any person deemed to be in breach of any or all of the above Terms and Conditions.


Cool Choir Inc reserves the right to amend these Terms and Conditions at any time without notice.