Updated August 2023


  1. Cool Choir Inc. comprises adult rock and pop choirs for individuals aged 18 and older.

2. Cool Choir Inc. is committed to fostering equality, diversity, and inclusivity among its members. We strive to accommodate those with health issues or mobility challenges. Please inform your choir leader of any obstacles that might impede your full participation in rehearsals, workshops, or performances.

3. All vocal arrangements, harmonies, concepts, and resources used by Cool Choir Inc. are the intellectual property of Cool Choir Inc. Individuals participating in any rehearsal, performance, workshop, or related activity organized by Cool Choir Inc. agree not to use, modify, copy, or replicate these ideas, techniques, resources, or teachings at other events or for other groups without explicit permission.

4. Access to music files created by Cool Choir Inc. is exclusively for the benefit of its members to aid in learning. These files must not be shared, broadcast, circulated, or publicly posted online. Violation of these terms in clauses 1 and/or 2 may result in legal action.

5. Cool Choir Inc. reserves the right to refuse admission and revoke membership without refund for individuals joining with the intent of accessing our intellectual property or brand.

6. Cool Choir Inc. conducts rehearsals in three ten-week trimesters. Each trimester includes a minimum of ten rehearsals, which may include central rehearsals. Rehearsal schedules may be adjusted to align with performances or other events, with advance notice to members. In cases of unforeseen circumstances (e.g., inclement weather, director illness, venue issues), no refunds will be issued, but alternative rehearsal locations may be offered, if possible.

7. Membership in Cool Choir Inc. is limited to your chosen community or individual choir, under the guidance of a single Cool Choir director. To participate in additional Cool Choir communities with different directors, separate subscriptions are required.

8. Cool Choir membership subscription fees are $220 plus GST per ten-week trimester for multi-location communities (e.g., Calgary).

9. Membership fees should be paid on the first day of each trimester or before the next rehearsal following a free taster session.

10. Membership fees cover rehearsals and resources. While Cool Choir Inc. offers various resources, downloads, and performance opportunities, members without internet access or a computer must make alternative arrangements.

11. The membership referral program rewards members who introduce friends or family. Discounts are given for each successful referral within the first four weeks of a new trimester, with special forms required.

12. A ‘snowbird’ membership option is available at a 50% reduced fee. Snowbird members cannot physically attend rehearsals but retain access to resources and communication. This option is limited to once per singing year (September to June) and cannot be selected during the first trimester.

13. The membership referral scheme is only applicable within a single Cool Choir community and cannot be transferred to other communities.

14. Membership fees are subject to annual reviews, with advance notification to members of any changes.

15. Certain performances, workshops, and events may incur additional fees, with prior notification to members.

16. All payments must be made online.

17. Refunds are at the discretion of Cool Choir Inc. and are not offered for missed rehearsals, vacations, or holidays. However, fees can be transferred to the subsequent trimester with notification within seven days of payment.

18. Cool Choir Inc. mandates the wearing of a Cool Choir Inc. t-shirt during performances, with the cost included in the first-trimester invoice. Replacement shirts and merchandise are non-refundable.

19. Cool Choir Inc. may photograph or film performances, with members consenting to the use of these images/videos for promotional purposes by agreeing to these terms and conditions at the point of joining.

20. Members are responsible for their own transportation and personal belongings during rehearsals, performances, and events.

21. In rare cases, a temporary director substitution may occur. Members cannot freeze membership or request refunds in such instances.

22. New members rejoining Cool Choir Inc. are required to pay the full trimester fee, regardless of the entry point during the trimester.

23. Cool Choir Inc. is not liable for personal property damage or injuries during rehearsals, workshops, or performances.

24. Cool Choir Inc. maintains commercial liability insurance.


  1. Members should strive for punctuality during rehearsals, workshops, and performances.

2. Intoxication should be avoided when attending rehearsals, workshops, and performances for the comfort of all.

3. Cool Choir Inc. enforces a scent-free policy to accommodate members who may have sensitivities or allergies.

4. Members should be mindful of the director’s preparations before rehearsals, minimising questions and conversations until the director is available. During breaks, respect other members’ need for the director’s attention. Use email for non-urgent matters.

5. During performances, members must wear the designated Cool Choir Inc. t-shirt and other specified clothing as directed by the choir director.

6. Members should respect the leadership of the choir director and support crew.

7. Cool Choir Inc. maintains a zero-tolerance policy for negative or aggressive behaviour toward the company, members, directors, staff, or the public. Such behaviour will result in expulsion from the choir without a refund.

8. Members should not use Cool Choir Inc. to promote their businesses for financial gain. A professional networking group may be established at the discretion of Cool Choir Inc., but access can be revoked.

9. Cool Choir Inc. is not financially responsible for injuries or damages caused by member misconduct.

10. All decisions made by Cool Choir Inc. are final and aim to enhance the overall member experience.


Cool Choir Inc. will not share personal information with third parties without each member’s consent. Membership may be cancelled for those breaching these terms.


Cool Choir Inc. reserves the right to amend these terms and conditions without prior notice.