Since Cool Choir launched across Calgary in January 2016, over 300 Calgarians have found their voice, singing weekly, making friends and leaving on a natural ‘high’ up to three nights per week.


We had an absolute blast

Can’t wait until the next trimester!


Where can you laugh this much, sing, make friends, feel great and leave on a high up to six hours per week for $20? It’s cheaper than two glasses of wine and a whole lot more fun!


*Introduce a friend or family member IN THE FIRST TWO WEEKS OF A NEW TRIMESTER for a FREE taster session. If they join from the week immediately following their FREE taster session, you will receive one weeks’ discount on YOUR membership fee at the start of the NEXT new trimester. You will get one weeks’ discount for EVERY friend or family member you introduce in the first two weeks of a new trimester and who joins from the week immediately following. The more friends or family you introduce who join, the more weeks’ discount you will save at the start of the next trimester. You MUST complete a special member referral form ONLINE before the point you introduce your friends or family so that it is documented and your subscription fee can be reduced accordingly at the start of the next full trimester.

** To be eligible for ‘snowbird pricing’ you must be planning on being physically absent from the entire ten week trimester and unable to physically attend any rehearsals. Your subscription fee will be 50% less. You will continue to receive all email communications and access to all song resources in your absence‘Snowbird’ pricing may only be utilised ONCE PER MEMBER in any Cool Choir singing year between September and June.

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